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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join the New Hampshire Friendship Chorus (NHFC)?

The NHFC assembles every other year for a tour. Tours have traditionally taken place in the summer months, and rehearsals for the tour start in the spring before the tour. Applications to join the chorus for the tour are available during the preceding summer either on this website or in person from a board member. (i.e. Applications for the 2020 tour will be available in the summer of 2019.) Also, there is an annual meeting in September which is open to anyone and where there will be information regarding the next tour. Watch this website for information on upcoming tours and on the annual meeting, or email the NHFC on the "More/Contact Us" page of this website.


Are there dues?

There are no dues, but participants pay one inclusive price for the tour.

Can I contribute?

Contributions to the NHFC are gladly accepted. There is a scholarship program through which people can apply for financial assistance.

What is the mission of the NHFC?

The New Hampshire Friendship Chorus' (NHFC) mission is to foster international friendship, understanding, and goodwill by sponsoring concert tours to other countries. Interested singers of all ages, genders, belief systems, and ethnicities are encouraged to participate. We seek areas of the world that have fewer opportunities to meet choirs from the United States.  We encourage collaboration and participation through joint concerts with local groups, and we endeavor to engage through informal gatherings with other singers and audience membersalike.

What if I don’t sing?

Non-singers are welcome to travel with the NHFC and participate in all other activities of the group.

Are scholarships available?

Financial aid is available through the scholarship program.

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