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Travel Tips from Rick and Wanda's Talk

Thanks to all who attended the post-rehearsal meeting. Some helpful information was shared:


1)    If you are planning on public transportation to Logan, please keep in mind that holiday schedules will be in effect on July 4.


2)    Carry-on baggage and personal item restrictions vary from carrier to carrier. Group flights are listed in the itineraries online. If you have concerns, we encourage you to go online to make sure your carry-on is compliant with the airlines.


3)    Tickets on our group flight have been issued electronically. You can check in upon arrival at United, at Logan, by simply presenting your passport to the agent.


4)    If you are on the group flight and have submitted your TSA/Global Entry credentials to NHFC, along with dietary need, they have been transmitted to United. Anyone still wishing to add credentials or meal preference should call United directly.


5)    Credit cards are widely accepted throughout South Africa for incidentals and meals on your own. We would suggest you obtain about 1000 ZAR (South African Rand), an equiventlent of $55.00, from an ATM for gratuities to chambermaids, waiters and for other small cash expenses.


6)    Here’s a link to an electical adapter for sale on Amazon. It is a 3 prong, type “M” plug. I like this compact model because it includes 5 slots, for 3 for US plugs, and 2 for USB -A devices.

Link to Amazon

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