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NHFC Group Flight Participants

Please read the following carefully, as it contains several important items regarding the group flights to South Africa.

  1. United Airlines has changed flights from Boston to Newark. Originally the group on the main tour had a mid-afternoon flight, and the group doing the extension had a later flight. Now, everyone will be going on the 3:12 PM flight from Boston. Because the change results in a longer layover in Newark for some, you may opt to make your own flight arrangements, if you prefer, as long as you notify NHFC ( by the April 1 deadline. These flights still appear to be the best options, but feel free to shop around.

  2. Plymouth Travel will provide your United or United partner frequent flier number to the airline if you wish. If you have a Known Traveler Number (TSA pre or Global Entry), they will also provide that to the airline. (If you do not have a United FF #, go to to sign up for one if you wish to get credit for the flights.)

  3. Personal information form for the airline: Please click on the link to provide your personal information for the airline, including your FF# and Known Traveler Number. Everyone on the group flights must complete this form by April 1. 

Please note: All airlines change their schedules and may do so at any time, though typically schedules do not change within 30 days departure. 

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