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Music for Singers

2018 Bulgaria Tour

Steve Smillie has compiled this list of YouTube links with performances of most of the pieces that we will be doing on the tour.  As you know, we have a limited rehearsal schedule. This should help in familiarizing ourselves with the music prior to our first rehearsal. Additional practice materials are being prepared and will be made available when ready.


Everyone should have received their music packet. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.


Dennis MacDonald

(1)  Performed by a Bulgarian Choir.  Don’t know if we’re singing with them or not.

(2)  Performed by a VERY good High School choir.  There is a rhythm that is “cheated” a bit, however everything else is there.

(3)  Two versions of this.  The first is an electronically produced vocal version of only the choral parts.  There is no accompaniment for it, & the parts go straight to the 2nd ending with no repeats.  However, all the parts are VERY accurate, & all there.  The second version is a performance by a “so-so” church choir.  However, the notes & rhythms are ALL accurate, & the ending is modified, slightly, but not in such a way to confuse anyone.

All the other links are fine, & follow the music quite accurately.  I strived for choral accuracy & quality wherever possible.  Given that these are You Tube links, many of the performances I heard are “questionable,” at best.  These were the best ones I could find.  I suggest that these be used.  I was unable to find all the Bulgarian pieces.  So, if any one else runs across them, please let everyone else know.

- Steve Smillie

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