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NHFC International Group Air Arrangements - Revised Schedule

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UNITED FLT 1977 July 4 Boston/Newark 3:12PM - 4:38PM

UNITED FLT 188 July 4 Newark/Johannesburg 8:45PM - 5:45PM (Jul 5)


UNITED FLT 2223 July 16 Cape Town/Dulles 8:00PM - 5:45AM (Jul 17)

UNITED FLT   641 July 17 Dulles/Boston 8:37AM-10:17AM


UNITED FLT 1977 July 4 Boston/Newark 3:12PM-4:38PM

UNITED FLT 188 July 4 Newark/Johannesburg 8:45PM-5:45PM (July 5)

UNITED FLT   187 July 20 Johannesburg/Newark 8:00PM-5:40AM (July 21)

UNITED FLT 2274 July 21 Newark/Boston 8:25AM-9:44AM

Other Information

Fare: $1,258.00, Fuel Surcharge: $530,00, Taxes: $111.35, Total Cost $1,898.34

Government imposed ticket taxes & fuel surcharges are subject to change before final payment is due on April 5, 2024.

United reserves the right to change equipment or schedules without notice.


United will not be liable for delays or cancellations due to weather or any other cause beyond their control.


Seat assignments are at United’s discretion and will be provided at the Airport during check-in.


After final payment due date (April 5, 2024), air arrangements are non-refundable.


You are free to make your own flight arrangements. Our group airfare may be higher than fares you can obtain on own.  We urge you to carefully compare costs, flight times, elapsed flying times and payment & cancelation policies before considering your own air arrangements.


The advantage of our United Airlines Group Fare is:

  • Low elapsed flying time with non-stop flights from the USA to South Africa

  • No payment until April 5. (The cost for group flights will be added to your final invoice.)

  • Name changes, without fees, until June 1. Name changes after June 1 cost $250.

  • Checked baggage fees are included for 1 bag per person.

  • A representative will be at the airport to assist members, as necessary, at check-in.

  • *Transportation to and from the airport and arrival/departure hotels is included.


Anyone wishing to deviate from the group itinerary should make individual flight arrangements.


* Please note that unless your individual travel plans coincide with the group, you are responsible for your own transportation to and from the airport and arrival/departure hotels.


For members on the extension tour, your international flight from Johannesburg on July 20 should depart no earlier than 7pm.


United flights are subject to change without notice.

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